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About us

Westville Homes by Wilern Realty Development Corporation

Wilern Realty Development Corporation is in the business of real-estate developing duly registered and existing according to the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. It was incorporated on 15th day of July 2009 with the primary purpose of: to own, use, improve, develop, subdivide, sell, exchange, lease and hold for investment, or otherwise real estate of all kinds, including buildings, houses, apartments, and other structures.

The corporation was organized primarily to engage in the improvement and development of real estate properties for residential and commercial purposes. It envisions supporting the government in its objective of providing decent and affordable shelter to every Filipino family.

Wilern Realty Development Corporation was established by its incorporators to aid the government in its thrust to meet the growing demand for shelter in the country. Immediately, it set out to develop its pilot project: Westville Homes Subdivision, a 2.6-hectare socialized housing development situated within the residential area of Barangays San Juan in the City of San Fernando and Cabalantian in Bacolor, Pampanga.

Westville Homes Subdivision is undeniably a viable undertaking mainly because of its prime location. It is accessible to all major business and socio-economic establishments of San Fernando and Bacolor. Further, the selling prices of the packages are within the affordability level of the target market.


To provide affordable homes built by committed professional developers for the deserving hard-working class.


A vibrant community with affordable homes for the deserving and hard-working members of the society.

Technical Feasibility

Westville Homes Subdivision shall be developed following the provisions of Batas Pambansa 220 (BP 220)

The Proponent

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